What is the best way to promote a self published book?

The Algorithm by Tim Jarman is a truly brilliant book, but how do I get people to know about it? (Link below). Thanks

I built a website: www.tmjarman.com

but I don’t think it’s really taken off. any thoughts?
…so maybe I should look for a publisher… Hmm okay! ^^
It’s not my book anyhow.
Smells like New Screen Names your indirect message makes you look cowardly. This website is mostly spam:

Most questions can be answered by Google anyhow, but the people here obviously have no idea how to search.

The other questions are usually idiots with opinions. ^^

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5 Responses to “What is the best way to promote a self published book?”

  1. ▪веаυτіfυι піgнтmагє▪ says:

    Try creating a blog relating to something else, dropping in your book information at regular intervals. That way you can build a following, and anyone who likes your blogs will probably have a look at your book.

  2. David says:

    Well, putting the link to your book here is just spam. Do you have a website or blog? That is where to begin. If this is just an ebook, you might just forget about it and move on. If it’s a printed book, you could pass out free copies at libraries and hospitals.

  3. Smells like New Screen Names says:

    People hate spam.
    So much they’d punch you if they met you in person.

    If your self proclaimed book is "brilliant" then you’d be able to sell it to a publisher.

    Which leads me to consider that you’re lying.

  4. Elaine M says:

    Did you get an ok from the actual author for your website?

    I’m not sure why you’re doing an end run around the author to promote the book. That job is the author’s not a stranger’s.

  5. look up in the ditch says:

    This author doesn’t even write believable fake reviews for his own book.

    Let alone believable fake questions when he tries to plug it.

    Giving him two pounds for this book would just lead him to buy more of his own book and write a few more glowing reviews.

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