What is the cheapest mobile phone contract deal currently available in the UK at the moment?

Help, I need to change from Vodafone who won’t renew my current good deal. Currently I pay £7 including VAT a month for 75 mins of calls and about 50 texts but I never use them – I really only the phone for emergencies but don’t want to go on Pay as you Go since it doesn’t have international access. So, can anyone tell me which is the best contract deal for me, partiucularly as I don’t need an upgraded phone and am happy to keep my current one – I am relying on you guys to tell me what’s best. Many thanks.
Don’t want Pay as you go since it doesn’t give me the international access that I need – so I have to look for a contract deal.

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  1. skycat says:

    There are so many mobile phones deals on the market it is difficult to compare mobile phone deals from every vendor. Therefore we have looked at all the major mobile phone shops online and pulled out some of the best contact mobile phone deals on the market.Today, as almost everyone owns a mobile phone, the competition is fierce and you can cash in on some of the best mobile phones deals around. Mobile phones deals are getting better and better, especially with the introduction new networks such as 3 and every changing innovation into the latest mobile phones and tariffs. One of the latest deals on mobile phones is to give you free line rental. This is extremely appealing, but you do have to do some work, many giving you the money back via cashback. However, you will save upwards of £300 on many deals so they really are worth it. If you stick to them you will get a great deal. We have searched the best 12 month free line rental deals on O2, 3, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone and the best online mobile phone shops.

    (Or try this one)
    PhoneBox direct are mad on free line rental. They have 12 month free line rental deals on O2, T-Mobile and 3 and have some of the best handsets on the market. Choose from the Free Sony Ericsson K300i or free Motorola V220 for 12 months free LR on O2 for 200 minutes and 100 text. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, pick up the funky free Motorola L2 with 10 months free line rental, 200 minutes per month and 100 texts on a 12 month contract. For a similar deal on T-Mobile (but without the text) you can pick up the Samsung ZM60 saving you £261 in a year. These are all fantastic deals, and as long as you read the terms and conditions and know when you redeem your cash, you will save a packet.

    I sure hope the will help you, have a nice day good luck???

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to YOU!! all From the Skycat!!!!!!

  2. hey says:

    go pay as you go

  3. !!!! says:

    I got this phone of carphone werhouse £15 outright not a contractand it had £15 credit on it

  4. dine2468 says:

    orange and O2 have the best deals, but make sure you buy it on-line! its cheaper than in-store! the cheapest you’re going to get a contract for is roughly £15 a month. you say you’re not bothered about a new phone, you just want the sim……… you get a free phone with 99% of contracts now, so if you want to keep your old phone, get a contract, pick the top of the range phone that’s free, then sell the hand set on ebay! pocket the money and you’re laughing! look out for the 18 month contracts though!!!!!!

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