what is the difference between being given tickets and vouchers?

for florida we have been given prices for tickets and vouchers (virgin give you vouchers instead of a ticket),are the vouchers easy to use

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  1. OC1999 says:

    A ticket is what is actually used for admission, in other words you can go directly to the entrance and go in.

    A voucher much be exchanged for a ticket. Where you would have to go to the Ticket Window first. Depending on the voucher you may or may not have to pay additional money. That is the voucher could be for an amount UP TO a certain limit. If your ticket costs more than that you would need to pay the difference. But if your ticket costs less than the limit they generally do not give you the difference back.

  2. Montana 16 says:

    Ha ha I used to get "vouchers" from virgins too instead of the real deal.

    Seriously a ticket is good for a specific flight. A voucher is like a credit for travel. A coupon of sorts. Talk to your airline about terms of redemption. The way the airlines are these days it may only be good for certain days or times.

  3. J Leex says:

    Vouchers give you a choice of when you want to go Tickets have a set date and time so vouchers are better! x

  4. ♫ Hooly ♫ says:

    i dont get you

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