What Is The Difference Between These Tvs?

hi i am looking to buy a new tv and i have found a great one on amazon it is only £329pound and i find another one the same as it but the numbers of the tv is different and that one cost £821 so i am jsut wondering what does the numbers mean and how does that push the price up by £500? the 2 links for the tvs are below thank you<33

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One Response to “What Is The Difference Between These Tvs?”

  1. PoohBear says:

    The first TV is newer. It uses LED lights instead of the older fluorescent bulbs a regular LCD screen, like the second TV, uses. LED sets tend to have brighter screens, better contrast, deeper colors, and use a lot less energy than a normal LCD set.
    Otherwise the TVs are identical in terms of specs. 1080p, multiple HDMI inputs, other inputs for older devices, USB for Divx files (via USB thumb drive or hard drive I assume.)
    If I could afford the LED set, I’d get that one. However, there’s nothing wrong with the regular LCD set.

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