What is the main differences between these graphics cards?

I was just wondering what the main differences are between the amd 6870 and 6850. I want to know if the 6870 is worth the extra money, thanks. If it helps, the other components i will be using are an i5 2500k processor, 8gb ram & this motherboard:

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One Response to “What is the main differences between these graphics cards?”

  1. Scorpio721 says:

    Probably depends on what the difference in price is. However the 6870 has the faster clock speeds but essentially they both support the same technologies, so if you are after top performance then go for the 6870 but if you just after a decent card at a decent price then go for the 6850.

    Although I can not attest to the actual performance you will get out the two cards the clock speed differences are pretty significant so the performance gap should be noticeable.

    Hope this helps!

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