What Is The Meaning Of Store Voucher?

store credit…
a cash value that can only be used at that store

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One Response to “What Is The Meaning Of Store Voucher?”

  1. Dave87gn says:

    a voucher is a paper that you can use to exchange for something of value. a store voucher is a voucher for a particular store.
    Store vouchers are often used for items that are out of stock. Usually you would want a store voucher if an item is on sale-you can buy it at the sale price and the store gives you a voucher to collect the item once it is back in stock. If you waited to buy it when it was back in stock, it might not be on sale anymore so you would have to pay full price.
    Basically, a voucher says that the item has been paid for already so it is “free” when you go to collect it.

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