What Is The Most Polite Way To Go About Returning/exchanging A Gift?

For Christmas, my grandmother bought me the most hideous pants. Well…they’re not too bad I guess, but they won’t work for me. They aren’t right for my body type, and I really don’t like them and I have nothing that will go with them . She’s so excited about them though…Usually I would just take them back to the store and exchange them for something I like and in a few weeks she won’t even remember them, but she didn’t include a gift receipt and I have no idea where she bought them from. Most likely they were on sale. I really want to return them to get something that I will wear, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. What is the best way to go about talking to her about returning the pants?

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2 Responses to “What Is The Most Polite Way To Go About Returning/exchanging A Gift?”

  1. april says:

    Tell her how much you appreciate her picking them out and giving them to you, but they don’t look good on you, and you’d like to swap them for something that does. Your Mom may be able to help with this, too, by talking to your grandmother.

  2. myrrh says:

    Tell her they don’t fit properly and you would like to exchange them. When you return them, tell her they did not have your size but you were able find something just as nice.

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