What is the name of the tune in the Marks and Spencers TV advert?

Maybe it doesn’t have a name – maybe it’s been recorded just for the advert. It sounds like an electric guitar and it’s the type of stuff played by Eric Clapton. It’s a really haunting and beautiful piece of music. Does anyone know if it can be downloaded?
I can’t believe how many different answers I am getting to this question. The favourite seems to be ‘Samba Pa Ti’ by Santana or ‘Albatross’ by Fleetwood Mac. How can I find out which of these two it is? It does not appear to be ‘Get This Party Started’ by Pink.

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11 Responses to “What is the name of the tune in the Marks and Spencers TV advert?”

  1. Hustler says:

    Made an erse of that, Tony has it spot on. Never realised how alike those three records sound.

    For the advert

    For a sample of the music, number 6

  2. joanne w says:

    get this party started

  3. fr3aky_lb says:

    Get this party started by Pink

  4. Blue laguna says:

    Yes it’s pink they are correct!

  5. emmiemoo says:

    its by abotross by fleetwood mack ive spelt it wrong tho.

  6. iain xx says:

    Its by Santana but I cant remember the name of the track .
    It might be Abraxas or Claire da lune.
    I have got it somewhere but lost a lot of records when got divorced lol.

  7. DANIELLE M says:

    I dont think its pink the words,(you do something to me) come into my head when I hear it

  8. tonywuzere says:

    the correct answer is that its called Samba Pa Ti and its by Santana

  9. x_yas_x says:

    Get this party sarted definetly not samba pa ti or wateva the others sed

  10. The Font says:

    Ok,the Get The Party Started (sung by Shirley Bassey in the ad) is for M&S Clothes – features Twiggy and other models.

    The question relates to the M&S Food ads ( "this isn’t just any oldfood, this is honey-drenched blah blah blah") and it is indeed Samba Pa Ti by Santana

  11. Natalie M says:

    It’s Shirley Bassey doing a cover of Pink’s "Get This Party Started"
    (if you’re referring to the one with the long musical intro while women are getting ready to go to a party in a very wintery scene….they arrive and it’s like a giant ice ball room when Shirly Bassey starts to sing) I can’t think of any other M & S commercials right now, other than their long, long winded food ones.

    I hear they’re releasing it as a full single in time for Christmas….

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