What Is The Name Of This Anime? Can Anyone Help Me Identify It?

I remember two scenes from it only
1: A teacher surprises and takes her male student (protagonist) away from a group of girls (probably including his sister(s) and takes him to an apartment which is currently for sale. While in this apartment she blows him, but gets interrupted and caught by the woman who is selling the apartment. This teacher was obsessed with samurai for some reason.
2:The protagonist bones a younger girl in a bathroom, maybe the little sister of the teacher, though I’m not sure on that.
Can anyone remember the name of this anime or remember any other scenes to help me in my search?

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3 Responses to “What Is The Name Of This Anime? Can Anyone Help Me Identify It?”

  1. BIG JD says:

    ……. is this Hentai?
    try looking it up at Pornhub at the hentai category

  2. Arctic Archangel ƒøx XIII says:

    I wanted to say KissxSis, but I’m not sure of it.

  3. Cole says:

    it is most likly a hetai anime based off kis x sis because there are alot of things alike but its not kis x sis

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