what is the principle behind separates garment retailing ie selling a suiting as a separate jacket and bottom?

at any retail store eg marks and spencer they sell suiting as separates what is the ratio of jackets to bottoms? is there a ratio or is it arbitrary?

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3 Responses to “what is the principle behind separates garment retailing ie selling a suiting as a separate jacket and bottom?”

  1. Linda S says:

    One major reason is consumer demand, customers want to buy jackets and bottoms separately. The reason? Size differences between the top half of the body and the bottom half of the body. By selling the pieces as separates a customer can buy the corrects size for the top and the correct and different size on the bottom. For example, I take a size 12 on top and a 14 on the bottom. If I got pieces together a suit, then one piece wouldn’t fit and it would need alterations.

    Also you can pair one jacket with several different bottoms, you aren’t stuck with something that’s too matchy-matchy, you can coordinate pieces that go together and then you have more options.

    It’s nothing sinister on the part of retailers, trying to milk more money out of customers. Well it is in a way because modern consumers aren’t into buying expensive suits when they might only get wear out of one piece.

  2. amy says:

    Most people will need more trousers than jackets as they ware out more easily, so they can buy say two trousers for every jacket.
    Many people are also different sizes on the top and bottom, so they can buy two different items which fit correctly rather than everything in just the one size.

    I hope that was what you were asking!

  3. selina.evans says:

    By purchasing these items separately the buyer can chose to have two or three pairs of trousers to each jacket and even to have contrasting colours now that suits are not worn so formally as they used to be. Some buyers do not actually want the trousers in the first place or may be replacing the part of a suit which has been damaged in some way. With women’s’ suits it means that you can also elect to have trousers and a skirt to go with a single jacket or to have a skirt instead of trousers..so all in all it works out well for the customer. it works for the retailer as well of course, the two separate items often cost more, albeit only a little more, than a single suit would have done. One other benefit to the buyer is that he or she can purchase a different sized jacket to their trousers..which is not usually possible with an off the peg suit bought complete..we are not all made in standard sizes and exact proportions.

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