What is working from home in a sales job like?

I have applied for a work from home job selling insurance. I was wondering what it’s like working from home and making sales calls. Do you ring on your landline or skype? And do you download a certain program that the company uses with a call list etc.

Also how do you find working from home, do you like it?
(using skype to ring landlines)

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2 Responses to “What is working from home in a sales job like?”

  1. Yazminur says:

    Specially, sell insurance at home is the bad thing you will ever do. I mean, I did lasta year, but doing it, h lose some clients. So if you have meetings person-to-person, the range client, increse.

  2. Rob says:

    all that info will be provided by the company.

    as for landline or computer, do landline.
    most folks do not do Skype.

    u got lots to learn.

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