What is your favourite bargain beauty product?

I love Boots cucumber moisturiser. It’s £2. I sometimes buy the fancy stuff for £35 with blind faith in it’s ability to prevent wrinkles, but nothing ever makes my skin feel better than the Boots cucumber.

Also St Ives Apricot Scrub. Reently picked some of this up as I couldn’t afford to replace my Clinique- and I think it might be better.

I’m also a big fan of Collection 2000 eyeshadow.

So please spread the word- what great bargain products have you found?

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9 Responses to “What is your favourite bargain beauty product?”

  1. princessparis says:

    collection 2000 conceler the light reflecting stick pen, just as good as touch e clate for coverage and only 4.99!! bargain!!

  2. thishasgottobethelongestnamehere says:

    Are you two related?

  3. Mrs B says:

    The best ever product that I’ve found is Boot’s "Perfect and Repair" serum. Brilliant price, and a brilliant result. Their "Rewind" serum has the same active ingredient, but it’s more highly concentrated. It’s also a bit more expensive. In my opinion, Perfect and Repair works better than anything else on the market at the moment.

  4. laura h says:

    i spend a bit more on stuff like cleansers, cos i dont want them to strip my skins with shitty chemicals, but never really more than 15 quid!

    17 eyeshadows are UNBEATABLE!! so many colours, they dont crease and last for ages. i think like 2-3 quid!!

    superdrug’s stuff is all quite good and cheap…miss sporty is amazingly cheap and i love the waterproof mascara!

    if you look hard enough you can get practically everything good and cheap atm! x

  5. dancing darlings says:

    collection 2000 liquid eye liner

  6. pokerpoker p says:

    mine are all the face masks i think they are a bargain i always get loads of them an after a nice soak in the bath put one on they make your skin feel so soft .you can get them from boots an super drugs .

  7. caroline r says:

    I also love Collection 2000 stuff. Plain old vaseline and Nivea are also great bargains. Dove soap is great too!

  8. Kimmie says:

    Check out eyeslipsface.com. Everything is a $1!

  9. Jo C says:

    Avon make up is great and so cheap and you always get good deals, like 2 for £5, or buy one get one free of anything on the page. So you end up getting far more for your money.

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