What items do I get discount on at halfords using a halfords trade card?

I’ve just received a email saying bulbs from 46p but in the past I have bought bulbs and I do not get any discount near to that figure, do you only get discount on halfords own brand please help! Same with window wiper blades from £2.60 do I buy the Bosch ones or halfords own?

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  1. Richard says:

    Halfords were good on prices a few years ago but no longer. Even my local independent car spares man beats their prices these days and he only stocks the good stuff.

  2. Ramon says:

    If Halford’s is a business, please, for God’s sake, capitalize the name. You also seem unable to find a logical answer for you needs. Mr or Ms Frequent, only a Halford”s employee can answer your questions. This is a store program. I cannot figure out why you think it is logical to ask others than people at any Halford’s store. Why is logical not to capitalized proper names? You capitalized Bosh fine. Do note, Halford’s with the possessive, not plural. Possessive.

  3. NONAME says:

    "bulbs from 46p"

    Teeny dash light bulbs that no one buys. As for the wiper blades Bosch every time.

    As for the discount I have found it varies from store to store for some reason wiper blades and bulbs are included..

  4. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    Hi this card is for traders who will need things like water pumps or shock absorbers. not for incidentals like a single bulb maybe if you had just bought 100 pounds worth of bits then they might throw a bulb in.

  5. Andy Pandy says:

    Free coffee if ya buy a chocolate cake!

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