What jobs/careers are open to me with a degree in Modern History and Politics?

I graduated last summer with a 2.1 in Modern History and Politics. I currently work in Marks and Spencer as a sales assistant and have not been able to find a better job or career anywhere. I am really depressed and need advice. Thanks guys.

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One Response to “What jobs/careers are open to me with a degree in Modern History and Politics?”

  1. dumdedum says:

    You are not alone with this problem and many people with degree qualifications are stuck in jobs that they do not like or want to be in. A girl I know read politics and is currently working as a receptionist as well and probably will never use her degree correctly as time goes on.

    But when you chose that subject for a degree course you much have had some inclination of where it would eventually lead you to.

    Teaching history would be a possibility as would graduate entry into any field that requires a graduate qualification. Why not apply for the graduate entry in the retail sector where you are currently employed. Armed forces, police, health (NHS careers site) all happily takes graduates.

    Adding economics to politics sometimes helps as well.

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