What kind of adapter do I need when travelling from the UK to Florida, USA?

I bought one off Amazon, but I am a little wary of it:
Do I need some sort of step up/step down transformer to accompany it, too?
Thanks for your help.
Also, will it work with a UK iPhone charger?

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3 Responses to “What kind of adapter do I need when travelling from the UK to Florida, USA?”

  1. The Tank says:

    The adaptor that you bought will allow you to connect a UK to a USA socket. But it will not change the mains voltage or frequency. The UK (and all of the EU) uses 230V 50Hz mains, the USA uses 110V 60Hz mains.

    This means that a UK radio, television or other appliance probably will not work in the USA even though you have adapted the plug. You would have to use a step-up auto transformer (about £20 from Maplin electronics etc.).

    Look at the labelling on your iPhone charger and see what voltages it is designed to work at. These things are often happy with any input voltage from 110V to 230V but you should check the specification just to be sure. If you can’t find writing on the plug itself then look through the specification sheet that came with the phone.

  2. KEN says:

    You need an adapter which has two pins but you have to ensure that anything you use is dual voltage as in the US the voltage is 110v

  3. J M says:

    One that aslso contains a transfomer to reduce the voltage. The one in the picture won’t do the job.

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