What kind of event would this dress be suitable for?


Btw, it doesn’t look like pvc – more like stretchy fake leather! It doesn’t have that plasticy shiny look.

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10 Responses to “What kind of event would this dress be suitable for?”

  1. CuriousJ says:

    The cut of the dress makes it a suitable style for a black tie event. But the pvc makes it look cheap and trashy. Personally I don’t think it works. pvc is too rock and roll to be used in such a conservative cut.

  2. Boy Wonder says:

    It would involve leaving it on my bedroom floor!



  3. felizia says:

    halloween? sm-games? heavy metal party?

    that model is ugly…brrr…

  4. Yesterday Came TOO SOON says:

    A costume party…that cheap halloween looking dress isnt okay for any real thing thats going on. that style dress would be okay for a black tie event. Anywhere formal

  5. Army Girlfriend ~ Steve <3 says:

    This dress is quite nice, but because it looks to be skin tight , i suggest the other places that you wear are parties with friends, some evening events – not a wedding or baby shower. Or a funeral unless you want to shock the person back to life.

    or a Rape!!!! Party. lol

  6. rubyjosan says:

    Film awards night

  7. Roxy says:

    A super fancy party, or a movie premiere. I personally don’t like it though, it’s to much.

  8. silly s says:

    This dress would be perfect for a seductive night at home with candles, music and lots of sex

  9. lili_fiftiesgirl says:

    the dress looks v cheap – its a quick made fancy dress style one so i would wear it for just that, its not very sexy at all as it looks too cheap so i definitely wouldnt plan to wear it for any kind of seduction/to impress a guy (actually i dont think i would wear it at all)

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