What Kind Of Money Situation Am I In?

I’m not bragging.. Even though there’s nothing to brag about.. Ugh
Okay so my mum always says we’re poor and stuff but Idk. We live in a three bedroom townhouse that is pretty big, it’s two storey, two toilets, small courtyard and the rooms are pretty big, all built in robes and my room has a verandah. Um me and my big sister both have iPhones, the newer ones, we have a family laptop, both my parents have phones but not new ones, we have a flat screen tv, no foxtel, we have wifi.. Only a pocket wifi, no house phone. There’s 6 people in our family so we’re currently looking for a new house to rent, with 4 bedrooms we’re looking between the $300-400 per week price. We own 1 car and it’s only a 5 seater. We all go to public school and we attend all excursions and stuff.
We don’t get many luxuries like new clothes and new shoes if they’re not needed. We have a lot of food and we eat out often but my mum still says we’re struggling. We sometimes get food vouchers and often get extensions on our bills.
PLEASE HELP. I’m a little anxious.. So I’m sorry if I sound crazy.

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4 Responses to “What Kind Of Money Situation Am I In?”

  1. Katherine W says:

    Ask your mom to teach you about money. Ask her how a budget works and how she makes decisions about what to buy and how much to spend.
    I’m going to guess that every paycheck goes to rent and things for you kids. By “poor” she means she has no savings and lives paycheck to paycheck. So you may have “things” but no money in the bank.
    You should help her with a budget. Show her that you can cook a meal for less than eating out. Also help her look for a place that’s more within your family budget. Also, you seem like a bright kid: ask your school teacher about scholarships so you can go to college without it costing your mom a lot of money.

  2. Rob says:

    reality depends on where u stand.
    compared to 80% of the world population
    – u are living like a Queen.
    want to help mom and your future?
    get and study – Total money make over,
    Dave Ramsey. so u can learn from others
    mistakes not your own or mom’s.
    good knowledge is good luck.

  3. bouncy says:

    Sounds to me that you guys are in the “poverty” range if you cant afford food or bills. Maybe your parents should get rid of your cell phones ( iphones are reaallly expensive) . That could save you guys at least $200 if it is on a cell phone plan. Maybe get a gophone ( you can keep the iphone but its only 25 a month). Cooking homemade meals are cheaper than eating out. It doesnt matter what someone has, you can still be in debt and struggling.

  4. mcdbb says:

    Could just be financial mismanagement, which is a huge problem with low-income people. On public assistance, yet spending $200 a month on cable TV. Doesn’t sound like your parents make much $$$, they are clearly on public assistance but spend like they are pulling down solidly middle-class salaries. You can’t build wealth like that. Someone making $1,000/wk and living on $1,000/wk is in a worse state than someone making $500 a week and living on $300.
    I guess it’s all about priorities and what you value. I sock away about 30% of my pay every pay check, live frugally but spend money on the things I value.

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