What Kind Of Reward Would The City Of Chicago Give Me For Turning In 3 Drug Dealers?

There are 3 drug dealers in my neighborhood. I can hear one dealing coke and heroin thru the walls. My other neighbor stays home all day, drives a 30k brand new car, and had 100 people at her house. Its 2 girls. They are always asking when they will be home. They said they are not there for drugs, are just friends visiting, but the friends only stay a few minutes. My neighbor reported 1 drug dealer to the landlord before he moved to California. I was wondering if I should call the police and turn them all in or tell the cops to set up a sting. Or maybe I should pretend im the dealer, and make up a flyer that says pot 4 sale, cheap heroin, discounted meth, and put the dealers name and phone number, and post the flyers all over the town.

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4 Responses to “What Kind Of Reward Would The City Of Chicago Give Me For Turning In 3 Drug Dealers?”

  1. David says:

    Mike, you are stupid.
    That’s all, have a nice day

  2. Kenneth says:

    A subpoena to testify at their trial.
    You don’t get money for turning somebody in. You also would be breaking the law if you tried to set them up without police permission.

  3. John Smith says:

    do not post flyers about cheap drugs with their names or numbers on them, you could easily get sued if you are wrong.
    That aside what business it it of yours what they sell? they are selling something to someone who wants to buy it.
    They are breaking the law? SO what? ask yourself what amount of physical force you would personally be willing to use on them to get them to stop selling something to willing customers. And then consider the force that would be used against them by police based on your word/accusation.

  4. TheRaven says:

    Hopefully none since once you’re given an award it’s in public records, the drug dealers could find out who turned them in and your as good as dead.
    And it’s not so easy getting rid of a drug dealer – I’ve lived next to one for over 10 years. Noise all day and night. 80+ cars a day coming into a small cult Au sac, only staying for a few minutes each. I Have numerous drug deals on videotape. He’s threatened to shoot me.
    The cops could give a damn.

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