What Laptop Should I Buy For Gaming?

I have been considering this for a while and i don’t have that much time so i speedy answer will be great.
I have a maximum of £600 to spend on a laptop and i want it only for gaming really.
i two in mind, these are:
Please can you tell me if these will be good/bad. and if it they are bad please can you give me suggestions that are in the the price range please.
Again i need a speedy answer. Thanks.
I should add that the type of games i want to play are Battlefield 3, bioshock Infinite and resident evil 6

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One Response to “What Laptop Should I Buy For Gaming?”

  1. mmarrero says:

    Check Alienware laptops, write down hardware specs of the least expensive one. In other words, the minimum hardware specs for a “gaming” laptop. You should instead build your own gaming desktop PC, their power-hungry videocards are absolutely superior.

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