What Makes a Good Watch?

This question can be answered by what your requirements are from a watch, do you want to wear it for special occasions or for everyday use? It also relies on your own personal style and fashion tastes.

Watches vary in price depending on which brand you choose and the components / materials that make it up such as gold, plastic and titanium. Features such as tachymeter, stop watch and high depth water resistance can also add to the price of the watch.

If your watch is for everyday purpose think about what features and style you require, if you have to wear a suit to work then a smart metal or leather bracelet watch would be required without the need for too many feature. If your everyday work involves working outside then a durable and water resistant watch is advisable even with perhaps a shock proof design.

Your watch maybe purchased for special occasions only, this is when a high quality brand is important because you want the look and feel of expense when going out for an evening. There are many brands to choose from such as Guess, Armani, D & G, Tissot …

A good watch is one that lasts the test of time; it has to be able to withstand your daily activities as well as offering great overall performance and looks. A watch can tell a lot about a person such as fashion tastes and personality, for instance a person who currently wears a colourful fashion watch is showing off their fun personality and attention to fashion.

There are many ways in which to buy your ideal watch, you can use your local high street where you will find a wide range to choose from with Professional advice to hand or online where the ranges of watches get larger. The best thing about buying your watch online is the fact that you can get owners reviews of purchased watches and also compare prices within seconds.

Which ever watch you choose make sure that it is personal to you and your style as well as offering the features you crave for your lifestyle.

Source by Mark Warr

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