What makes walla walla prison so infamous?

I am reading a book and it keeps mentioning the Infamous walla walla prison and how police would use it like a threat too criminals too make bargains eg, tell us info or we’ll make sure you serve your sentence in walla walla what is it about walla walla that was so scary compared to other prisons?

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2 Responses to “What makes walla walla prison so infamous?”

  1. mick says:

    Maybe because "it is the site of Washington State’s death row and where executions are carried out".
    It could be a way of telling someone they faced the death penalty.

  2. capitalgentleman says:

    I have heard of Walla Walla (I grew up near there), but, didn’t know they even had a prison.

    I don’t think it is that infamous, except perhaps in the very local area.

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