what marketing strategies can i applied just to increase sales in retail business?

i am on the food retail group, we are now loosing sales, how can i get more customers

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  1. Partha Barman says:

    Set up canopies is certain crowded places and then display your product samples there. Introduce flyers. Add leaflets to the newspapers. Remember to advertise your products with affordable price in those leaflets and flyers. Make sure the leaflets are glossy and not of recycled paper.

    Start aggressive marketing by introducing loyality cards or membership cards and give discounts to those loyal customers. This will help retain your old customers. Also make sure your workers and sales men are well behaved and helpful. If your sales men are rude then forget about customer retention.

  2. darrenmccbe says:

    Customer feed back, (ie) comment cards,
    Food tasting
    Chef specials, and the like your most important key in your industry is the consumer

  3. full-master-resell-rights.com says:

    Are you an online retailer? If this is a local gig, your options are limited to locally advertising your business. However, if you are an online retailer I suggest posting some ads in relevant forums (see link below) and writing some great content for your website that will bring in new customers. If you are an online business you could write some really good articles and post them to article directories. Also you may try advertising state wide if you are a local business. There’s a great program below for creating forum postings fast and easy. Its called forum submitter pro. Also you may want to see if there are any local online forums that you could use or even state wide. Hope this helps!

  4. D says:

    I didn’t hear enough about your food business. A local caterer has Sat. & Sun Brunch at a local neighborhood bar, along with $6 complete dinners cooked downstairs on Mondays & Wednesdays at 6pm. He also caters parties, weddings, motorcycle club events and so on.

    You need to ask people you know to "get in" by hosting a party and showing off your skills. You can offer to do this at a discount, maybe they pay for supplies, labor, you throw in your talent for the exposure.

    Have plenty of cards ready.

    I visited another local bar once after getting a flyer on my winshield while I was at the grocery store. The barbeque dinners prepared by the chef were excellent.

    You can also pass out flyers, discounts, fax order forms to local businesses.

    You can give out lunch or dinner passes through a local radio station to maybe pay for air time.

    You can survey your customers. Ask them to fill out a rating form to help you improve your business, and ask for suggestions.

  5. Goodnow says:

    I do not know what to tell you, you may have to give away free meals may be for kids. I do not know what I can tell you now things are really bad

  6. kankan_sarmah says:

    first see where is your retail outlet located ? is the place or location hygienic ? is your retail outlet looks attractive ? the way you serve to your customer are they feel happy and satisfied ? is your food stuff costlier than others ? So these are some of the areas where you need attention. not only these but also you need to recognize other factors.

  7. Targetseo.com says:

    If you have website, i have suggest you below mention services to get more traffic and enquires.

    Targeted Email Marketing Services for lead generation
    Google Search Engine Marketing Services for traffic and conversion
    Organic Search Engine Optimization – organic traffic
    Google / Yahoo Local Listing

  8. Retiring soon says:

    It depends on what kind of traffic you have – what your price point is – how many items you sell.

    Here is just one example. When someone buys an item in your store – have a Special that is normally $x but for today is only $y. Set this up and train all of your sales people. Test it for 3 days. I bet you will find that, out of every 10 people you ask, 2-3 will take you up on that Special.

    You have increased your Average $/Order and your Profits – because you already have absorbed your Cost of Sales to get the person to come into your store in the first place.

    Try it – it works. For more Zero Cost ideas like this – give me a call.

    Frank Hood

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