What '%' of a clubs wealth is generated on 'ticket sales' ?

how much does ticket sales mean to a clubs wealth monthly and annualy ?

am i right in thinking that the vast majority of todays wealth for big clubs comes directly from investors and stakeholders and not from ticket sales ?

about 25% of a clubs wealth is generated from ticket sales sounds too much to me.

maybe 5-15% ?

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2 Responses to “What '%' of a clubs wealth is generated on 'ticket sales' ?”

  1. Shawn M says:

    Depends ,,,

    Most clubs in Epl now are owned by foriegn owners and hence gain thier wealth from thier investments .

    But other clubs gain most of thier revenue from ticket sales and Sponsorship … for eg . Arsenal earns big amount of its wealth from ticket sales and therefore ticket prices are highest at Emirates than any other club , so that Arsenal can earn more and compete with Chelsea man U etc .

    Most Clubs in spain are also run on Sponsorship and ticket sails ( except Real ) and same with other liagues like French , German etc.

  2. Danny says:

    wel work it out, a ticket for sheffield united (who i support) is average of £26 – adult £16 – kid. Average them out to about £21 so lets say that the club gets £21 per ticket sale, Average attendance = 26,000 per gate. so (£21×26,000)£546,000 per game, multiply that by by 19 (number of games played, = £10,374,000 per season (year.)

    So £10m goes into sheffield united a year on tickets alone, (not including cup games etc..) bear in mind sheffield united we are a very tight club (thats why we never get back 2 prem lolz) we spend about 4million on players??

    so yeah player money is usually generated by ticket sales.

    u can work this out easily for your club by doing this.

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