What Political Party Do I Belong To?

Foreign Policy: The best way for America to create peace around the world is to lead the world with trade and economics and not in war. WE SHOULD GET THE HECK OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST? And we should start to withdraw troops from all other countries.
Healthcare: I believe in a free market healthcare system.
Environment: Label GMOs. I believe that to become energy independent, America must commit to a national effort from government to groups to all people to become energy independent. I support renewable energy.
Economics: There needs to be a moderate size of regulations so that government doesn’t take over the economy, nor does corporations.
Education: I believe in competition for education. Get rid of Department of Education, and install a voucher system, A child’s education is parental responsibility, not the government.
Social: Against death penalty, abortion and gay marriage and prostitution. Support legalizing marijuana, and end the war on drugs. End the NDAA, Patriot Act, GITMO, and NSA Surveillance.
Guns: I believe in the second amendment, but with some regulations.
Welfare: I support SOME welfare but not a lot. I don’t like systems like Medicaid, because it only temporarily helps someone.
Social Security: It’s bankrupt and it should be privatized, for your retirement is your responsibility.

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2 Responses to “What Political Party Do I Belong To?”

  1. Steve Stanley says:

    Your libertarian leaning. I wouldn’t call you a libertarian though. I am a libertarian; I believe in absolute freedom. Forget minimizing bus. regulation, you really don’t need any at all, except on porn. Forget welfare, have charity help those who truly need it. Forget gun laws, none of them work. Don’t privatize social security, eliminate it, have people put their savings in banks. Forget vouchers, you pay to send your kid to school or you choose not to pay to send your kid to school and you home-school them. There is no need to label GMOs, it is common knowledge that everything that doesn’t advertise itself as non-GMO or organic is GMO.

  2. Knowital says:

    Against abortion and gay marriage? You’re a nut case conservative. Go sign up at your local republican party because you’re one big failure.

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