What Proof Would I Need To Provide For The Ritz Carlton Friends And Family Discount?

I have recently made a reservation with the Ritz Carlton under the friends and family discount. Using a discount code that I received from a friend. I booked on line. I would like to know what proof would I need that I am a friend when checking in?
Ritz Carlton Employee answer would be great…..

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3 Responses to “What Proof Would I Need To Provide For The Ritz Carlton Friends And Family Discount?”

  1. old school - again mfer says:

    ask the hotel, genius.

  2. d3 says:

    Call the hotel and check. I have used a friends and family discount before at marriott and if I remember correctly the discount required management verification that was checked upon arriving at the hotel.

  3. Kono Kohako says:

    Ok, so hea the thinng bout RC, they kina tough on this sorta thing, so make sure that you got copy of employee id, also employee number of person you friend with, note from friend, and supervisor of employee depend on who person is, and make sure you know who to talk to wen you check in, oik? Hea the thing, you not wanna ruin trip by not have alla stuff, and for sure you not wanna embarrass the friend who do this for you, or you self, ok? Hope this help, peace and aloha to you!

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