What qualifies you for student discount in shops in england?

I will be starting college in september.
I’m doing a beauty course which is full-time.
I’m 16.
I will receive E.M.A.

Do I qualify for student discount. If not why? If yes, how do I apply for a student discount card?

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2 Responses to “What qualifies you for student discount in shops in england?”

  1. starlight says:

    you have to pay £10 for your NUS card , ask at college student union or you can get them online, type in NUS discount card and you will be directed to the carrect page hopefully, but you need your course start date, college ur attending and registration number to get one – you cannot just buy them before anyone thinks " we will get one of these ", they seek proof

  2. Emma says:

    In my college they gave us a ‘student card’ just as ID for that college. A friend of mine also got this at her college, and I used that for two years getting discounts in shops. I received E.M.A and I was in full time education.

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