What shoes and accessories would go with this dress?

Here is the dress


Apart from the cream shoes she is wearing would any other colour of shoes go with this dress?
And what accessories would any of you recommend to go with the dress?

If it helps I will be wearing it to a masquerade party

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3 Responses to “What shoes and accessories would go with this dress?”

  1. Robin44 says:

    Keep your accessories simple and understated. Silver color may be the best, but other colors like gold may work.

    The shoes I would go with high heeled dress sandals, 3 or 4 inch heels.

  2. Dena says:

    Silver shoes and silver accessories. If you want to be different then do pink pumps with like a matching pink clutch. Gold?

  3. Rehana says:

    You should get a mask of the color on the side of the dress. You could probably do like a different mate or maybe silver shoes with a clutch.

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