What shoes would go with this bandeau dress?


Just bought this dress and I’m not sure what kind of shoes will go with it. I also bought a black slip to go underneath the dress because it’s sheer.
I’m not much of a heel wearing girl and would be looking to wear this dress in the summer during the day so any boots/flat shoes?
It’s a white/ivory colour. I wouldn’t mind wearing wedges as I find them easier to walk in and are more casual than heels.

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2 Responses to “What shoes would go with this bandeau dress?”

  1. hiddenmyname says:

    No boots as that will look awful. Its hard to tell what colour it is so I would wait until you get it and then go out shoe shopping with it in a bag. If the black shows through then you could wear black shoes and i think nude would work.

  2. Ruqaiya says:

    Hi Angela hope that’s your name ,I think cream slip ons will go best or baby pink slip ons it’s totally all up it you.

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