What shops sell vouchers/gift cards to use for online shopping ?

I dont have a credit card so some kind of voucher would be helpful. Thanks
Does anyone know sim sells these in the uk? Thanks
Sorry that last bit should have said who not sim

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4 Responses to “What shops sell vouchers/gift cards to use for online shopping ?”

  1. miss v says:

    there are loads of shops who now also have online access boots, river island, hmv, wh smith etc, there is, i heard, a kind of prepay credit card, for people who dont have credit cards, you top it up and then you can use it to shop online, i dont recall what it is called though, sorry. or you could open up a paypal account, you give them your bank details and when you shop online you click to pay by paypal, lots of shops use paypal, boots, top shop, topman, there is a list of the shops on paypal http://www.paypal.co.uk i have had an account for quite some time they are safe, everyone on ebay has one that how payments are made

  2. Beno says:

    most shops have online gift cards. e.g

    play.com and amazon both do

  3. wolvejl says:

    CVS, Walgreen’s, and Walmart are all great locations. You can buy cards specifically for ebay, you can also buy mastercard cards that can be used for various things (it isn’t a credit card with monthly payments!)

  4. Honor says:

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