What Should I Ask For-christmas?

Okay so I’m a girl(teen) what should I ask for??
I’ve got loads of clothes and makeup so I don’t need any of those!! I’ve got uggs, ipodtouch(don’t want iTunes voucher!) I’ve got a camera.
I really want something cool and unusual/ cute!! Any ideas??
I’m not spoilt at all. My parents are asking for my list and I need to get ideas. Please help!!!! And please don’t say donate as my parents wouldnt let me do that.

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3 Responses to “What Should I Ask For-christmas?”

  1. Byron says:

    A nintendo wii.

  2. Kie says:

    Well if you don’t know they you probably don’t need it. Why not save your parents the trouble from wasting the money. Ask them for money for your University/College funds.

  3. Yamie says:

    Maybe just a variety of smaller items? I’m asking for Moccasins, clothes, A headset, and some other stuff. There’s really nothing you want? How about a laptop? Or gift cards.
    I’m graduating this year so I need money for my prom so what I’m asking for is a gift card to my local salon to get my hair and makeup done. Try thinking ahead of things your going to need

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