What Should I Ask For, For My Birthday?

I am turning 17 in February and don’t know what to ask for
I already have the standard laptop, phone, camera, gaming console etc
I am really into makeup but think I have everything that I need
Already I know that I am getting driving lessons, a pandora ring and some American sweets
I would really appreciate some more ideas (not money or vouchers) and please don’t call me a spoilt brat or anything. I know i may be spoilt but I certainly am not a brat and pay for a lot of my things myself

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3 Responses to “What Should I Ask For, For My Birthday?”

  1. orhan says:

    Dont ask this time, tell them i will think it over this time ..:P

  2. wisteria says:

    You could get some new shoes… Headphones…
    Naked Palette if you dont have it, or the second one.
    Gift cards for hollister, aeropostale, AE, forever 21… Does that count as money? ;P
    A hoodie, scarves, nail polish, skinny jeans, flats, boots…

  3. soup says:

    Ask for a fun family night with your oh-so fun family. But to be serious, just ask to go out and do something cool with your family like go around a major city if you live nearby one (like L.A or NYC or something if you are near a place like that) And maybe go window shopping a little or go out to eat at a cool restaurant and dress up fancy and stuff.

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