What Should I Ask My Mum For My Birthday Present? Girl, Turning 14?

My dad is arranging an expensive party, so that will be my present from him. But my mum wants to get me her own present. I don’t want any phones because I already have one. I have a 3DS console, so if you could recommend any games. I’m not a very girly girl and I don’t really have any ideas.
Please DON’T include these:
– Clothes
– Make up
– Room decorations
– Books
– Vouchers
– Trips/concerts
I’m thinking more things that can be wrapped in a box, not something i have to make an effort to go to because i just want to be with my family that day. If you need any more information just ask. I’ll try to provide 🙂

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4 Responses to “What Should I Ask My Mum For My Birthday Present? Girl, Turning 14?”

  1. Hamza says:

    you should pack ten dildos in a pack, now rate this as best answer

  2. Next time says:

    Hey Ali baba< First off happy Birthday.May the God of love shower you with gifts of life love and laughter with happiness your life long companion. Ok Instead of receiving gifts tell Your family you have all you need in them and anything more they could give would be demonstrative of their love and affection for you but in these times of difficulties from national disasters you would share your good fortune with a donation to the victims of the last hurricane If that is too benevolent and you do not feel so charitable send a donation to Children Hospital they would be glad. If you are not feeling it How about boots, sneakers.Sleep-ware, under garments or handbag. May be a small intimate dinner party with your family over a simple meal and night at the old tv and hugs for all Happy 14 next time

  3. Dos says:

    Cooking mama games
    iPad 3
    a small party

  4. Sarah says:

    New Nintendo wii u and games

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