What Should I Buy For The Next Gen Era? (pc Or Ps4)?

In september, Im going to have around 700-800 dollars and I want to know what will be better for gaming, a built PC, or a PS4.(Keep in mind that Im in high school and do not have an income) Now the main thing that I want to know is what will be cheaper in the long run. Everyone on the internet is yelling at me to build a PC and it confuses me. For one, a PC will not last you 5-7 years. Secondly, I would have to upgrade the PC every 2(?) years which would cost probably $400(?). Now tell me, how is that cheaper?! You may argue that Steam has ridiculous sales but Im not buying thousands of games! Please elaborate in your answer. (also, I already have a working computer, just not for games).

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5 Responses to “What Should I Buy For The Next Gen Era? (pc Or Ps4)?”

  1. Ryu says:

    Just buy a PS4 then…
    PC gaming is for enthusiasts who demand the best graphics. I honestly don’t care about graphics that much, console graphics are fine.

  2. matthew says:

    A pc has better graphics but if your more of a console gamer go ps4 or xbox1 maybe if u like Xbox more

  3. A says:

    PC is costlyyyy, if you don’t have an income, by all means get a ps4. PC is great, graphics wise and for mods but its not really neccessary. The next gen will start to be on par with PC’s after a while. Games are way cheaper on PC but updating graphics cards and waiting for ports isn’t. Its kind of a two way street but if you buy the ps4 you don’t have to worry about graphics cards and all the extras to make it comfortable to play, but ps4 games are more expensive. Either way the ps4 is going to have exclusives and games you will be kicking your butt you didn’t get to play. Ps4 man, ps4. Also, get a freaking job! You will look back and be mad that you didn’t start making as much money as possible when you could! If your too young get a workers permit from your Guidance counselor, you could make 700-800 in a month.

  4. Black_Ch says:

    I’ve been considering this too. From what I’ve come to understand, first thing you need to do is stop listening to the idiots yelling at you about PC’s. It’s true that building a pc has it’s benefits, but you can also easily buy a mid-range desktop that will work fine within your budget. It won’t be completely outdated as fast as you seem to think. You may have to upgrade every few years, but that probably will just be buying a new graphics card ($150-ish) and some more RAM. A more expensive rig will probably last you that 5-7 years, but it’ll cost. Steam does have sales, which might be worth your time, but if you can’t see yourself getting into downloading mods and online gaming and such, buying a PS4 will probably be the simpler choice. Given that you already have a working computer and are only in the market for gaming, I believe getting the PS4 would work best for you.

  5. Lucas says:

    While PC’s seem very expensive there really not, think about it for consoles it cost 60$ a year for online services which in 5 years adds up to be 300$ and the PS4 cost’s 400-500$ and for upgrading PC’s you don’t have to do it every two years and it doesn’t cost 400$ you can upgrade it for like 100-200$ which is alot cheaper than buying a whole new 500$ console every 5-6 years and as for games PC is also alot cheaper for games, a brand new game on Console cost’s about 65$ and on PC a brand new game cost’s about 50$ and as well steam has crazy sales for games. so when you really add it up PC is cheaper. but if your just into more casual gaming and if you prefer features on console i guess the Ps4 is better for you.

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