What Should I Buy My 11 Year Old Son For Christmas?

He only asked for a new tv and I got it already. I have my daughters finished but I only got my son one thing. I need Ideas.

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8 Responses to “What Should I Buy My 11 Year Old Son For Christmas?”

  1. Dion11 says:

    Xbox/Ps3 games
    PsP with games
    Wii games or a Wii
    Football/sport accessories which he likes
    a phone
    Bath sets
    Gift vouchers/money
    Face creams/hair gel – toiletries
    A pet like a hamster or a puppy
    Toys/games like twister ect
    a Bike/scooter
    You should know your son best out of everyone, get things he’s asked for in the past or simply jsut ask him, Hope i helped!

  2. menna says:

    Umm a remote controlled car:) or i know some one who got their 11 year old son a bow and arrow thing and he LOVES it!!!:) or computer games:) depends wht sort of stuff he’s in to:)

  3. Leonardo says:

    a ps3 he’ll be happy for the next 5-6 years and some game like little big planet 1 and 2
    and the next 1-2 years get him a call of duty game
    BUT if hes been bad get him a remote controlled car

  4. Clara says:

    If he reads, you can get him an ebook reader. Everybody I know with one loves it.

  5. sugarrus says:

    Video games
    Action figures
    Crafty stuff

  6. <3 says:

    Why don’t you ask him.

  7. Sir Wayne says:

    A condom so he can bang your mother

  8. Kindest Girl In the World says:

    a sports car, spacesuit, burberry scarf and coat

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