What Should I Do About This Car Privately Sold?

Hi i have recently been looking at cars with my mother, i found the perfect car which i love both the size and value for money as it is a small engine but a big build to which is only group 3 insurance and does 50MPG its very clean with a couple of scratched here and there which i dont mind, the tax is £66 and £120 for a year, we recently looked at the car and everything seemed sound and we had a quick test drive seemed fine and joyful BUT my mum noticed that the front tyres needed tracking as they shouldn’t of passed their MOT because it was that bad supposedly we have been told that its been off the road for a year or so and had its last service in 2011 the reason for sale is because of a new car but im hesitant to why the car has passed its mot, it was going to be my first car so i dont want something breaking on me meaning i have to pay out to fix it if something goes wrong but i like the car but im not sure on what to do my mum has a gut feeling to not buy it but i cant seem to find a car better than this one what do you think i should do? and what do you suggest i do?

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3 Responses to “What Should I Do About This Car Privately Sold?”

  1. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    Short answer, leave it.
    There’s probably nothing wrong that a trip to a tyre fitter for a couple of tyres and an alignment check won’t cure and it needs a service but you sound like you’re expecting a new car for the price of a secondhand one and it doesn’t work like that unfortunately.
    Used cars have things wrong with them, that’s usually why people sell them.

  2. HooBoo says:

    It kind of depends how much you’ll be paying for the car. Assuming your mum isn’t a mechanic, why don’t you get someone who knows what they’re talking about to look it over for you and give an opinion. The AA and the RAC both offer that service for a charge. If you don’t want to pay for that then maybe it isn’t the car for you. Tracking is not that expensive to get put right, so if your mum is knowledgeable and you’re sure that’s all that is wrong then you could just buy it and get the tracking sorted. You will never ever find a second hand car that is perfect with no problems at all.

  3. boy boy says:

    you put a lot into this question ..but really told us nothing ..why not tell us what car ..model ..year ..price etc ..and how do you know they would not pass the mot ? tell us why ..they only need tread over 75% of tyre …my advise to anybody who is not well versed on cars ..get an AA or RAC check made …in the long run it may save you money

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