What Should I Do Against Bata India? Is It 420?

It was an online transaction with Bata India through its website, in fact I bough a pair of shoes from Bata India under its online sale through its website about 2 months ago.
I bought a pair of shoes @ 849.5 at 50% discount whose normal/present price is 1699/-
At the time of order there was different design was shown on Bata India’s website; for which I placed order and made online payment. There after, after a few days I received a parcel from Bata India through courier and found different design of shoes, I placed order for formal shoes but I received sport shoes.
Immediately I lodged a complaint with Bata India through phone and asked for exchange and they lodged the same but two months have been passed and there is no reply from their side till the time.
Later, when I felt that I am failed to get exchange, I also told them that I will lodge complaint against Bata India.
Right now they have (Bata India) also changed the shoe design under the ordered article number on their website.
But several online shopping websites are showing the old design under the article number; more over that shoe is also available for sale under the article number on these websites, even some where the offer is from Bata India @ 1699/-.
So kindly suggest me what should I do next. Is it 420? If so where can i lodge my complaint?

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One Response to “What Should I Do Against Bata India? Is It 420?”

  1. Krish says:

    I heard and experienced such instances and I labelled myself that I am a 420 oriented person and I hate myself as a fool who crawls on his limbs when he had strong legs

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