What Should I Do? Ghost In House!!!?

So, Let me tell you what has happened recently to me and what to do! 🙁 Yesterday, I was on my TV and i turned the volume up a bit. For some reason it wasnt loud only on 17 and it turned itself down all the way to 0 I turned it up, it turned down, up, down, up, down untill i just totally turned my TV off and ran upstairs and started packing for boot sale. It was like 37 degrees here in Sydney and i closed my windows not to let the hot air in. I put the tape on my desk and i went on my bed, to pack in the black bags. Only then i heard something fly across my room onto the floor and it was my tape and i got soo freaked out. Also, recently, Someone has been shutting the doors silently and closing them without a BANG!!! Like open windows would do. Also, the last one, was Today when i was coming up to my room and I saw a Black shadow next to my black chair whilst going upstairs. I came to my room and it was gone??? Is this real?! Is there a ghost?! How can I stop it from scaring me?!

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6 Responses to “What Should I Do? Ghost In House!!!?”

  1. Kshitij says:

    Nice script for a movie!!

  2. Mogli says:

    100 % it is a mean ghost,but you can get rid of it,simply at night lay totally naked on yiur bed on your stomach and keep a jar of lube nearby.the ghost will cause you a little pain but he will not come again.however if you are gay,he may come back.

  3. Ruben says:

    Tell yourself ‘there is nothing to fear’…
    No harm can come! It is just the fear of harm that is a problem for you.
    Treat it like a silly game from a tricky friend. the game is to try and make you afraid… Show it no fear, and do not fall for that pointless game! It will probably give up and leave you alone.
    Remember, There’s nothing to be afraid of 🙂

  4. avirup says:

    Well twyla….!!! 1st u should be 100% sure that all this is done by a spirit… You should not run away from the spirit ;you must confront it… Dont worry spirits will not kill you or get into you while u r alive its not true like shown in films!!!
    At the same time try to know about past of the house;who lived there etc… a spirit is very strong aroung 2-3 am ..
    So confront it; try to understand its signs & signals…!!!
    if its a evil spirit then call a priest or some one who handles paranormal activities!!! It cannot harm you directly but indirectly it can harm you….
    Be alert & alwayz keep a jesus cross in your pocket..

  5. gopi k says:

    Try become friend.

  6. Naruto says:

    was this night or day. (i believe in anything!) people say ghosts hate light or sunlight. check the television if its not busted theres a ghost! so let me think ………………………………….… try to talk to it, say hello if it does’nt respond yell, or sleep in a hotel or live in another house, or live with one of your relitives thats the only things i know, sorry 🙁

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