what should i do to prepare for an interview as a sales assistant?

i have an interview this saturday for clinton cards as a sales assistant. what should i do to prepare (ie should i research shop history?), and what sort of questions are they likely to ask? its a one-to-one interview.

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  1. Photofox says:

    Several points:
    1) Answer all their questions truthfully and with a smile (but don’t overdo it!
    2) Be prepared for them to ask questions about your education, hobbies, life ambitions, home life etc.
    3) Take a small note pad and jot down some of the things they tell you about the company, training, pay and so on.
    4) probably most important: Have a few questions of your own on the note pad and ask them, even if they have covered that point, you can always say something like "I know you told me about training (or whatever) but would you mind just elaborating a little on what would be involved"
    You should regard it as YOU interviewing THEM just as much. After all, you have to decide if you wish to work for the company!
    5) Last point. Did you know that Clintons went bust some months ago? Most shops have now closed but one or two remain open. This will be an excellent question to ask, along the lines of
    "I remember that Clintons went bankrupt some time ago. What is the current situation and would my job be secure if I join?"
    Good luck.

  2. carlos says:

    Try to be proffesional and try your best to enswer the questions

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