What Should I Expect From Re Max?

agent and am I being too impatient?
   I signed with giving them exclusive right until 3/8. Prior to listing I got a supposedly detailed list of the things needing done to insure a quick sale. Other than packing personal items I was told to paint and repair a ceiling & clean the carpet in the front living room. Total cost $1,600 Almost immediately after listening the agent said we should replace all the carpet because it would justify our asking at the top of the scale on our price snd that stating new carpet sells it faster.  $4, 800 for carpet. Then our fence needed mending. A small place in the back yard where our neighbors dogs chewed the boards. So far $6,800.  After our first showing the realtor said we should professionaly clean the inside of the house and preasure wash the back of the outside including patio. $460. $7, 200 now. When they posted on Multi Listing Service they failed to mention new carpet. She added after I pointed it out.  The house has been shown 11 times in five weeks. In late November the agent said not expect showings in December. Showings contined all December. Each time the house has been shown I get a list from the showing realtor of what is wrong with the house.   The location is bad. The front door squeeks, our dog left a dropping in the barh. The laundry room smells musty. On and on. I called the agency because I could not locate the agent and told them I no longer wish to receive any feedback on the house. Either they like it or they don’t . I was surprised to learn my listing agent has been in Europe since 12/ 3 and will return 1/8. As best I can tell the agent posted 22 pictures of the house and went vacation.  I called another agency and have a man coming tomorrow. He listened to what I said and reviewed the MLS.  He said he will look everything over tomorrow but can already see I have not been well represented. He said he would post upto 50 pictures and rephrase the listing so it is clear that this is a home and not a building.

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