What should I get for fathers day?

Well, what should I get my brothers to give on fathers day? My mum is having no involvement in it and my younger brothers are too lazy to find something. They presented me with one idea that was basically trying to get themselves a new games console. So I’ve only got £20 abouts to spend between them. Something fun maybe, oh and my dad isn’t into golf or watching footy. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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One Response to “What should I get for fathers day?”

  1. Amber says:

    I think you can get hot air balloon vouchers for about £20 if you want to get something like that
    You could go onto a voucher website (Groupon, Wowcher, etc) to get a cheap but fun activity for him to do
    Instead of getting him a present, just make him breakfast in bed, and take him out for dinner
    Just be super nice to him all day

    My dad LOVES playing cards and because we’ve got one too many packs in the house, I got an old one and on the back of each one, I wrote something that I love about him. It literally cost me nothing, so if your dad would like something like that, go for it.

    Hope this helps!

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