What Should I Get My 11 Year Old For Christmas?

My daughter is 11 years old and has everything! When I say everything I mean; Ipod, phone, laptop, TV etc. I would just like to say, she is not spoilt, she has either got them for her birthday or Christmas
or when she got a really high score in her SATS and tried extremmelly hard. She would quite like a kindle this year as she loves to read. I have also got her make-up (please dont suggest that), dvds, shoes, clothes, gift vouchers, sweets, lip balm maker,a snuggie, 1D album, pjs, bath stuff and some other stuff. I know that sounds a lot but her sister more and I dont want her to be disapointed if she doesnt have as much. I would also like to say that I am a hard working mum and I do NOT spoil ny kids, they earn it xxxx

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7 Responses to “What Should I Get My 11 Year Old For Christmas?”

  1. noodles says:

    Give her money, she will spend it on something she really wants.
    I know you bought her clothes but just buy her some because shes 11 and shes going to carry on growing till 21…

  2. Tom says:

    She has everything, spoiled in my opinion alot. Get her… Movie passes. Or a seasons pass to a park

  3. baby says:

    Candle maker, cake pop maker, easy bake oven, a chair for her room, a blanket, wall art, a dvd player or tv

  4. Tyedyegu says:

    cupcake mix with icing, bubblebath, craft supplies, cute stuffed animals, cd’s and a cd player (artist i reccomend for her: one direction, selena gomez, breathe carolina, black veil brides, katy perry), ball and jacks, temporary tattoos, lotion, bodymist

  5. Neat Guy says:

    Buy her a Holy Scapular and let its heavenly powers bring her the best that God can give her in life forever through it.-Jesus Christ

  6. Helen says:

    1D concert tickets with a friend??

  7. Adam says:

    team of the year Akinfenwa

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