What Should I Get My 14 Year Old Girl For Christmas.?

I need some good ideas. She already has an iPhone 4 and a tv in her room and she had access to an iPad but I don’t know what to get her. Please help.

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  1. With her head in the clouds says:

    Ask her. What is she into? My cousin is 13 (and really the difference is minor) and she loves books so The Hunger Games, City of Bones (the Mortal Instruments) are some of her favourites. The Hunger Games has just come out on DVD in the last month or so, that may be an idea. Many 14 year olds are very into One Direction if she is a DVD, album or poster to hang on her bedroom wall may work. Money also does her good or think about something in terms of clothing she needs. A new winter coat? How about give her voucher to a store for her to go pick one out or think about her hobbies or what she may want or need to expand this or just to keep going?

  2. 1 says:

    Wow, lucky daughter.
    Hmm, I personally like itunes cards because that’s like free money right there and I love music.
    I also love DVD’s, always watching them. I really want Brave and James Bond (but IDK if that will come out soon enough before Christmas) and other movies.
    I also like clothes, but I either have to shop with my mom/grandma and pick it out myself or they give me a clothes gift card to a store I enjoy.
    I also love pajamas. haha
    But honestly, she’s your daughter. She knows what she wants. I know I’ve always known what I’ve wanted all these years. haha
    Ask her.

  3. Hyderabad C says:

    Get her something she can experience like a cooking class or a couple of sessions of some other experience she might like, 2 dance class sessions or like those circus places where a person can wear a harness and do aerial stunts on a trampoline.

  4. corgi800 says:

    Ask her, it’s your daughter. What kinds of things is she normally asking you for? Money, clothes, gadgets? Buy her those kinds of things. Also, make sure that she actually wants them before getting them.

  5. Jessica says:

    Giftcards to her favorite stores
    Lotions, perfumes, etc.
    Hair tools

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