What Should I Get My Bestfriend For Her Birthday?

My bestfriend is turning 15 in less than a month. I already made her a card with a bunch of pics of us. Description of her: short, very pretty, loves the smurfs, energetic, likes clothes and makeup, likes to do new crazy things… I am already getting her smurf socks lmfao:) So i was thinking makeup and clothing but what? can you give me suggestions as too what makeup from where and same for clothes? Or even somewhere or something fun to do (creative) not too too expensive… Or just creative things but I dont want homemade things cuz I already spent hours on the card:/ Also for the ideas plz be specific so I know where to buy/get them…BTW: I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada!

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One Response to “What Should I Get My Bestfriend For Her Birthday?”

  1. Sian says:

    you could get her nail varnish sets from somewhere like boots or hollister you could get her a clothes voucher for her favorite shop so she can choose what to get lip gloss is good as well have a little party at school in a quiet place with sweets and thing where she can open her presents at the same time hope this helps xx

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