What should I know about Event Sales and Marketing?

I have an interview to become a trainee in this field.
Fun culture: What is the exact meaning of this?
Entrepuinerial thinking: What does this mean in the context of Event Sales and Marketing?
Short Sharp Sales Campaigns: What is the desired function of these techniques?

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One Response to “What should I know about Event Sales and Marketing?”

  1. Ed Atun says:

    Most "events" are weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate functions, sports-related gatherings.
    Fun culture means that it is your goal to increase the "fun factor" for all participants.
    Entrepreneurial thinking means that each employee is trying to think up new fun things to do; new ideas to sell more services and products to the customers. That you are not relying on management to make all decisions.
    Sales campaigns. This is the toughest one. The best sales campaigns involve $20,000 television ads and $2,000 full-page newspaper ads. But the company will go broker doing those, so they want you to think up cheap ways to find new customers. You could email all your friends about new promotions as your "short-sharp" campaign.

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