What Should I Wear To A Concert?

I’m going to an Ed Sheeran concert in two weeks and I’m not sure what I should wear. I’m 16 and its indoor, but I don’t want to wear anything that I can’t wear outside (like shorts without tights or something).
I really want to get my clothes in River Island because I have a voucher for there, so if you see anything there that’d look nice could you link it to me?

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3 Responses to “What Should I Wear To A Concert?”

  1. Rustam says:

    High heels 😛 You need the extra lenght for the view, thats what my sister told me, she went to his concert in amsterdam but she is very very smal xD 1.50-.1.60 or something

  2. cutiepie says:

    i would say skinny jeans heels and a long t-shirt and your hair should be in a very high pony tail with bangs coming out next to your eye (im a BIG fashionista) <3

  3. Janine Karaka says:

    Skinny jeans,flat leather riding boots,a long sleaved top that is flowy and has some stones or sequence on it and a cute jacket or cardigan.

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