What Steps Do I Need To Take To Show I Am A Good Team Leader?

I have gotten a job as a Team Leader and even though I feel I am leading my team, my manager thinks I am not. Is his ideas different then mine,
I work in retail and the section I work in is constantly changing, sales targets etc.
I set them job lists when I am not there, give them jobs when I am there. Thank them, encourage them, inform them of why we are doing the job.
What else?
I was thinking of developing a Personal Development Plan for them.
But how else? My manager is hardly around yet I still have to show him I am leading.

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One Response to “What Steps Do I Need To Take To Show I Am A Good Team Leader?”

  1. Gerald says:

    as a customer all I want is a polite assistant with a smile who is ready to help if I need it sales targets are all well and good for your business but you can’t make people buy if they don’t want to and some one trying to push me is more likely to turn me away make the displays attractive make the atmosphere seem friendly and casual this what relaxes customers keep people on the counters so we don’t have to wander around to ask somebody just something for you to think about from the other side of the coin.

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