What steps would you take to develop a new market as a Sales Manager?

This applies to a manager who’s been appointed to a new post which needs to be developed in order to deliver sales.

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2 Responses to “What steps would you take to develop a new market as a Sales Manager?”

  1. Flush says:

    I agree with rightbear above. You can start by segmenting the market so that you deliver your marketing mix directly to the target market. Once you know your customers, you will know what best way to get your message across. Would online marketing help? Try viral and social network marketing as well to get the product noticed. This is effective and cheap.
    Good luck with the new job.

  2. nitebearer says:

    Look at what the competition is doing and has done to gain market share. Look for an innovative way to create interest in the product(s) with the association towards your company (brand, company recognition). Look into combining old tried and true sales/marketing methods with something new and different so you cover your bases in market penetration.

    A new post is a challenge if nothing has been developed but this does give an almost free reign to try something innovative and utilize some new talent. Depending on the products never discount some older talent in marketing a product as some older people know the line or how to make it work and this knowledge is valuable.

    I know a company that lost sales of a certain product line because they disposed of the old marketing guys and kept the young ones, but the young ones had no idea how to make the product work with another brand of related products and the old guys did. So the old guys sold not only the product but add ons to make it work with the customers current inventory thereby gaining a sale and making inroads to new customers.

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