What stores do Military Discount ?

Iv just been issued my Army ID Card and was wondering what clothing stores, food places, game shops etc definately do military discount.. i know theres website but i dont fancy putting all my details in there just to view the list. Thanks in advance 🙂

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2 Responses to “What stores do Military Discount ?”

  1. mark m says:

    The MOD Forces Discount brochure lists all the companies that offer discounts to holders of a valid MOD identity card (MOD F90, FIdent 107 or whatever the RN use).

    However, the brochure tends to be available in limited quantities that disappear quickly. The website is therefore often a better place to go:


  2. Go with the flow says:

    View the list – they are not going to do anything with your information. Really !
    Know that the discount is only 10%
    Do not shop at Macys and buy $600 shoes just to save 10%.

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