What tank size would i need for these fish?


i know that tank they are in is way to small but what would i need if i went and got them?
So like 4ft? or bigger
Also what kind of pleco is that?
I can only get hold of a 4ft long by 18inch tall by 15inch wide

well hopefully some one will get them with a big tank poor things

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  1. !There is no reason for Ignorance !call a vet! says:

    For 2 Oscars and a pleco you looking at 150 gallons minimum more would be better i have a Tiger Oscar on his own in 125 gallons .
    That looks like a Sailfin Pleco .

    I notice they have Goldfish in a 23 liter tank as well and are selling that .
    The tank needed would need to be at least 6ft for those fish you are planning to get .
    Try Pre loved they have tanks at good prices i got a 300 gallon custom built one that was only 6 months old from Pre loved .

  2. Hannah says:

    Wow that’s bad. Over 100 gallons for oscars and plecos.
    Now There is no.. mentioned the goldfish, I would certainly get the poor things if they weren’t 4 hours away.

  3. That Dude (a.k.a.Matt) says:

    The tank they are already in provides the space they need. You could get it bigger, but that’s an option for you. Some people don’t care to see animals "crowded," so they personally prefer open space.

    You can use the tank they are in. Though, if you plan on putting more than pebbles and possibly a few plants, you definitely need more space.

    It’s all up to you.

  4. Grand Master BasserĀ® says:

    You’ll be fine with 200 gallons.

  5. Pets =3 says:

    You will need a 100 gal or 135 gal

  6. Matt says:

    i think 56 gallon should be fine as u have width

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