What The **** Is Obama Thinking?

has anyone seen the speech obama gave about the assault weapons ban. does anyone else feel that what he said was totally out of line and just a slap in the face to everyone in this country. i voted for obama and im starting to regret even wasting my time voting after hearing what he said, this man said ” if we can just save one life its worth doing whatever we have to do” now when sandy hook happened i cried because i thought of what if that were my child but when obama said the children sent him lettters i wanted to choke him im obviously calm now but what he said was bullshit the kids didnt send him letters the schools and teachers sponsored it and sent them and obama used it as a way to pull in more supporters. he had some good points about providing funds for resource officer and getting more police but all the rest he said was a smack in the face and shows how he really thinks, if he really cared about gun violence then he would try to ban handguns and assault rifles seeing that more people are killed with handguns than ar-15s i never walked down the street and saw someone being robbed by a guy with an ak-47 because of the simple fact that this isnt a 3rd world country. theres more kids being killed by glocks and berettas than shotguns and ar-15s im pro gun but this is what i think i think that hes just trying to serve the anti gun group and not try to meet on common ground with both sides. he wants to ban high capacity magazines…..ok well then people will just buy more low capacity magazines. all his ban would do is just punish the gun owners who legally buy and own guns realistically it would be helping arms dealers becuase they could sell an ak47 for twice as much as they would if the gun was legal. and realistically if i wanted to buy an ar-15 illegally it would be easier than buying it legally so how would that stop the sales of them. i think hes trying to give this false sense of security to people. who feel that they shoould be protected by others instead of having to protect themselves it is a choice whether you want to carry a gun or not but dont try to take away the rights of others to have one just because you dont want to own a gun.

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4 Responses to “What The **** Is Obama Thinking?”

  1. ★Ŕ♡MΛŔƐ★ says:

    Many gun advocates recently have pointed out “Well, cars kill people, too, so should we outlaw cars?” Here’s the thing: with cars, we have passed laws making it illegal to drive while drinking or on drugs, requiring the use of seatbelts, making sure all cars and all drivers are registered and all drivers pass a driving and informational test, requiring people to carry insurance, requiring the auto companies to make cars safer with features like air bags, making drivers accountable for unsafe driving both economically and legally, setting safe speed limits, etc. And these laws have greatly reduced fatal car accidents and made our highways safer.
    So what would be wrong with passing similar laws to make guns and gun use safer?

  2. Psychobe says:

    He’s thinking that he wants to “fundamentally transform” America, and that the presence of law-abiding gun owners will interfere with that goal somewhere down the line…

  3. Steve O says:

    I do not agree with him about banning semi automatic guns but he proposed 23 different points.Have you actually read them all? Some of the things he proposed were actually encouraged by NRA itself.

  4. Sarah says:

    That isn’t what he’s trying to do. What is the harm to limit the number of magazine’s on a gun and banning assault weapons which is the same type of legislation we had under Clinton, also what former President Reagan in 1994 supported and former President Bush in 1989 supported as well. The majority of law abiding gun owners, collectors, sports enthusiasts, etc. should welcome this legislation and the checks on mental health backgrounds of potential buyers. If anything this legislation PROTECTS the 2nd amendment right to own a weapon by ensuring you are of sound mind which is no different than the responsibility you have for entering into ANY OTHER contract such as owning a home, obtaining a credit card, filing for bankruptcy, and yes buying a gun. I cannot understand how any reasonable person is attacking the President (regardless of party) for wanting to ensure tighter restrictions to ensure the safety and mental stability of those who apply to hold arms. In what way is this removing the right to own guns? It’s not and for all critics out there who say that it is are spreading vicious vitriol they know nothing about – maybe they are the ones who want every nutball to have an assault weapon.

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